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My brother walked into a restaurant and the owner said: “No, we don’t advertise…”  upon going back next week, he had a huge sign across his window:  “EVERYTHING HALF OFF! EVERY DISH!”  My brother asked him, not entirely tongue in cheek:  “What’s next, going out of business sale?”  and the owner said:  “I might have to…”

I see this a lot especially on Social Media.  So burned are people by fake follower scams, so called Social Media Specialists,  Experts and Gurus who don’t deliver results that they have already made the decision years ago that social media doesn’t work.  I’ve seen companies spend $10,000 a week, and nobody knows where the money went. I’ve seen small shop owners throw money away on advertising and they don’t know if they converted one person to being a client or customer.  I’ve seen very LARGE companies (who shall remain nameless) spend a million dollars on ad campaigns and got zero results.  They had no way of measuring results, and so they assumed they should stop marketing, advertising and selling.

“A man that stops advertising to save money is like a man that stops a clock to save time” – Henry Ford

If we continue to do the same thing over and over again, and expect different results, that is the definition of insanity. (some attribute that to Einstein, however, research indicates we don’t know who said that, but it is certainly still true)

My point is this:  I make my living on Social Media.  I have built an entire nationwide brand! Yes, in every major city of the United States, I have a voice, and tens of thousands of connections in that city, websites, and reach, and influence.  So if Social Media doesn’t work, than how do you explain my existence, or you reading this article?  Are you assuming it works for SOMEBODY just not you?

Hiring a social media manager without a lifetime of sales experience is just ridiculous.  Kids out of college or interns, or even those so called “skilled” people? I can tell you didn’t know how to sell anything last year, last week, and won’t be any better at it five years from now.  No offense to them, I am sure they are strong in some areas of their life, but without strong sales, advertising, marketing skills, AND EXPERIENCE?  They are stealing your money.

Would you hire an auto mechanic to sell you health insurance?  How about a doctor? Would you go see one who told you they were a pet doctor?  That’s just silly! Yet daily we see thousands (I see them, I am on the Internet all day)  of people posing as Social Media Managers WITHOUT EVER HAVING HELD ONE JOB AS A SALESPERSON!  They’ve never  worked cold calling strangers, and handled rejection.  They’ve never invested time or money driving to people’s homes or clients’ businesses and been told “No”.  They are no more skilled at Marketing and Advertising and Promotion than your mechanic is at understanding Health Insurance.  How are they going to sell your product?

“A Terrible thing Happens without Promotion.  NOTHING!!!”  PT Barnum.

We can’t just keep scrolling up the same junk we scrolled up last week, and expect to keep our audience.  And sadly, 99 percent of the online campaigns are just that:  Automated Tweet and Facebook posts, and nobody’s listening!  I see Realtors spitting out Listings, I see tire stores posting Specials, I see bars touting beer specials, and on and on….  FOLKS THAT IS NOT SOCIAL MEDIA!  That’s just annoying people… Let’s be honest! THAT’S JUST SPAM!!!

We cannot surrender our online business model to anyone who doesn’t understand sales and results. 

That’s right: Most of these so called “Specialists” are just spammers.  Heck I can teach some intern to post stuff in twenty minutes.  Fortunately, that’s the last thing I teach my interns.  I want them to be effective, to drive sales, and to be so highly skilled that they can run their own business after interning with me.  And they do!

One of the first things I discuss on the phone with every single person, large client or small;  is the all important: Call to Action.  Now, if you look it up, you might find a video game or war movie.  I am talking about scientifically compelling engagement techniques that get results.   Calls to Action are not random; they are tried and true methods that we know work predominantly and often enough as to create sales.  We know they are scientifically proven because they either work for others, or they have worked for me personally, or for most of my clients over the last 18 years on the Internet.  So we start with this, and I waste no time in getting to the heart of the matter, if I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times (ask anyone, and I mean ANYONE who has ever called)  ………


A measurable human response, means that your Internet Marketing and Social Media must get the end user, audience, potential customer, client, patient, or prospect, to take action, and move forward to do business with  you.  Some examples are very simple:

   ~  Limited Time Offer

   ~  BUY NOW, Donate Now, Order Now

   ~  Pick up the Phone and Call Us

   ~  Fill out a Form, and Give us some information


Stop wasting your money!  Tell them they can hate me for life, and blame me, tell them Lonny Dunn told you to fire them, and cancel your credit card.

Let me repeat this:  All Internet Activity that you endeavor from this moment forward needs to either:

  1.  The End User Buys Now, Immediately by pressing a button

  2.  Picks up the Phone and Calls you today and asks you a question

  3.  Fills out a Form, and gives you information so you can contact them

EVERYTHING ELSE IS A TIME SUCK AND YOU ARE BEING BOONDOGGLED by elaborate “brand building” nonsense and article writing.  If your marketers are telling you that you should have monthly or weekly article writing?  Then you are dealing with one of two types of people: an accidental scam artist;  or someone who read somewhere that article writing was where you should be.  In either case, they are glad you haven’t fired them yet.  Brand building is NOT sales. It’s just good will, and smart firms realize that is so 2005 or 2,000 even.  But it’s not marketing.

You see, the company that spent a million dollars, or the small business that only hired a part time social media “expert” both fell into the same trap:  WITHOUT a MEASURABLE RESULT THEY ASSUMED THE ADVERTISING WAS NOT WORKING.  I didn’t say they needed a WAY TO MEASURE RESULTS… That’s an entirely different topic, (hint: never use codes)  I said they didn’t get any MEASURABLE HUMAN RESULTS.

Now, I am not going to stop here.  Let’s break it down for you:

Basically you are not going to get anyone to buy expensive products online by paying with a credit card for instance, if you sell Intangibles or Services, like Education, Consulting, or Insurance.  This will require what we call “Form Selling”.   Your Call to Action (CTA) would be to get the person to fill out the form, or call you or both.

Alternatively, if you are an Internet Business, or you are selling an event, you may present the end user a “Buy Now”  or “Limited Time Offer” and you want to land the person immediately on that Call to Action.   It would be a button, and they would buy from you by paying over the Internet.

In either case, it requires what? A MEASURABLE HUMAN RESPONSE.  The person MUST take action, press a button, pull out their credit card, or pick up the phone or fill out a form.  They must DO SOMETHING.  Everything else is wasting your time.

You can take advantage of some great research and science here:  95% of disposable income is spent within 5 miles of where we live.  We are all on the Internet on our phones and tablets.  Did you know that 50% of mobile end users WILL TAKE ACTION WITHIN TWO HOURS AFTER FINDING YOU ON A MOBILE.  Lights should be going off for you right about now.  I am unlocking some ninja tips to grow your business.

What if I told you that I have marketing strategies so specific, that changing one simple thing on your website would increase your sales, and possibly your life forever?  Here’s one:  Did you know that if you put your phone number in BOLD MAROON ITALIC FONTS ABOVE YOUR “CONTACT US” FORM, MORE PEOPLE WILL CALL YOU?  And of those who call you, half of them will buy your product, or do business with you?

I am going to close out with something from the AMA.Org (American Marketing Assoc, silly, not the American Medical Assoc).  They researched over 1600 websites, and they discovered some fascinating data points.  They researched everything from big box stores like Amazon and Target, and Intangibles like Geico, and Online Education…  What works for us today is this:

   “The Number One Reason People do Not Buy is that Website Owners and Marketers drive traffic to Home Pages instead of Calls to Action Pages.  The reason is simple: People wander, they get interrupted, they get distracted by reading content, and forget why they came ~ they forget to buy anything or take action.  We have concluded that driving traffic to home pages does NOT work, and effective marketing must include effective Calls to Action”


Here’s a Typical Result:



Here’s the Campaign She Used to Get the Results! http://socialnworldwide.com/socialn-specialpromo/

I’ve amassed over 4 million connections nationwide through Social N.  I have websites in Chicago, NY, LA, Boston, Miami, you name it? I am there already.  In 65 Cities.  I have done work for small shops and large firms.  I do NOT take everybody, but I do NOT turn away small clients simply because they are small. As you can see, I give EVERYONE the very best advise that money can buy.  And I am always the same, just like you see here:  I do NOT pull punches, mince words or waste time.  I get results, period.  That’s what I do, that’s what I am good at, and that is why people hire me.  Nuff Said.


Yes! I want to succeed on the Internet Lon, and I want to get results!

or Call:  703-675-0593

Expect Different Results when we take Different Action






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