The Key to Small Business Success on Twitter

Small Business Success on Twitter


We’ve heard the expression:  “All Politics is Local” .    And so it goes on Twitter.     If we want to have a rewarding experience on Twitter, we have to learn to follow locally, and/or teach our staff to do the same.  We can continue to do the same goofball tactics that didn’t work last week, or the week before, and we can continue to get the same results.  Or we can adapt, change what we are doing, and have success.

We can keep using the Social Media manager who talks a great game, but can’t ever seem to explain what they are doing, or tangible results.  They talk about “likes” and “retweets” but never show us any sales, never have any ROI for their work.   We keep them on, because they seem to know what they are talking about, but never point to one sale as proof of their work.

Twitter is littered with the carcasses of burned out washed up small business ideas that didn’t work.   I see literally thousands of small accounts who’s last tweet was 6 months ago, a year ago.  They came, saw, tried it Twitter’s way, and abandoned the effort.  These are the folks who determined that Twitter is useless,  odd, and just couldn’t get the hang of it.   Then there are others:  They are small businesses with a worldwide audience.  I have to wonder what a Gas Station in Reston, VA is doing with followers from California, Maine and London, UK.

Any small business can use Twitter to locate, target, find and connect with thousands of local followers.   They can convert them to clients and customers. 

Need Proof?  After writing: “How To Use Twitter for Local Business” I wanted to put these principles to use, and set out to build a micro local brand in each major city of the United States.  This project would be equivalent to you getting tens of thousands of connections in places like L.A., Chicago or Phoenix.  Now imagine us taking on the largest markets in America.  We have already done this in 65 cities! So can you build up local followers, or  become a statistic?  Look at these Twitter Counters for Social N, my national brand:

The above examples are but three accounts.  Hard to believe isn’t it?

Twitter allows us to follow 1,000 local people daily. Twitter doesn’t teach this.  Instead it has focused on “Celebrity” Following.  When we create an account, it compels us to choose 5 celebs to follow before proceeding to the first tweet.    Is it little wonder so many millions have tried and failed?

Facebook doesn’t allow us to target and follow a thousand local people daily.    We can’t make a thousand phone calls per day to new clients from  our office, that would be impossible.  We can’t send out a flier to that many people per day, that would be too expensive, and mail response is less than 1 percent.  Twitter is by far the fastest and most efficient growth tool we possess, and we need not become a statistic.

A few quick tips:

Follow Local People Daily:   Always be following new local people.  Following new local people is more important than what you tweet.   Locals follow back slowly.  Build a pipeline.  Soon they will come.   Follow at least 100 per day.  More is better.

There is a Delayed Reaction: The people who are noticing you this week, you might have followed a week or two ago.   Get used to the fact that the local game is a delayed reaction game.  Settle in for the long haul.

Your Tweets are NOT important:   What you have to say is not going to sell one thing, or get you anywhere.   You might as well be Tweeting to yourself.  Stop your nonsensical spamming to an audience that tuned you out long ago.  Nobody’s listening.

ReTweet Others, Often and Constantly:   When you respect others they will notice you.  A ReTweet is the ultimate engagement tool.  (Do NOT use Twitter’s RT Button, use the Classic or “Trad’l ReTweet method, you will get instant results)

Plant and Sow:  Find a way, no matter  how foreign a concept that it is for you, to be kind, to help someone else, and to give.  Be generous.  Plant and Sow.


Start your plan to succeed today.  Start following locally.  Over time, as you retweet local folks, they will trust you.  They will LOVE you.   They will spread your message for you.


Tired of Wasting Time on Social Media and Not Getting Results?

Did You Know That You can Use Twitter to Target, Locate and Connect with 1,000 LOCAL Clients per Day?

As Social N’s Publisher, we’ve grown 4 Million Connections, in just under 8 Months.  We continue to expand the network by about 5,000 new connections per week.  We are living proof that NOBODY needs to become a statistic. (You can see a Map of how large this network really is, be prepared to have a mind blowing experience)

I use those same principles to grow your Social Media and Turn it into a Business Tool. We have a program for doing this FOR YOUR BUSINESS.  We begin driving sales; creating local connections, we make you the local Rock Star of Social Media, you will NOT become a statistic; people will love your brand, and you will no longer settle for mediocrity or failure.

Accept no Imitators.  Don’t be fooled by self proclaimed Social Media Managers.  Do not accept meaningless reports.  The only report that matters to me is: “How many new connections have called you to set an appointment, how many people have walked through your door”

We Start Immediately, TODAY, as soon as we are retained.  Yes, please manage my Social Media and turn it into a business tool, Lon, I am excited to get started.

Our Normal Price is $149 a month, and we have a Starter Package for only $79.  This does NOT automatically renew each month.  It is a one time TRIAL of our Services.  If you are NOT completely satisfied, don’t pay again.  Fine with us.  You won’t find anyone else on the planet more focused on growth than PronetworkBuild. This is what I do, and I am offering this at a reduced rate.  If you have questions, then call me at 703-675-0593.  I actually answer my own phone!!!


Lon, I don’t need to call you, sign me up at the Starter Rate for a one time payment of $79, and I am ready to grow my local brand.  I understand this DOES NOT Conflict with my Intern or Daughter’s or current Social Media Manager’s work, what you do is so specialized, they can only benefit from your work.  Thanks for your help, let’s get started, Lon.

Local SEO and Micro Local Social Media How To Get 1,000 Connections Per Week Using Twitter    


Lon Dunn wrote about telephony infastructure stocks for 6 years before becoming a social media manager  to Celebs, Corporations, and Small Businesses.  He can be found on LinkedIn and Facebook.   His most recent book is  “How to Use Twitter for Local Business” On Amazon.  He set’s up Text Message Campaigns for Restaurants,  Interactive Crossmarketing Campaigns for Small Business, Mobile Web Pages for Professionals, and can be found on Twitter at PronetworkBuild.





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