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Emotional Triggers,  Calls to Action (CTA), Analysis,  Data, CRM, SEO,  What does this all mean, and what is wrong with overseas writers anyway?

(Well first of all, Google knows full well those overseas writers are not American because of Latent Semantic Indexing)

Where do you begin?

How do you approach all these strategies?  What steps has your Intern or Volunteer taken today to get you sales?  Isn’t it time you stopped losing business by default, and started converting Social Interest to Online Sales?

Our goal is not just SEO / Internet Marketing.  We specialize in driving sales to your site.  We offer results, not excuses.  We offer conversions and upsells, not reports.   If you want your phone to ring, and you want plenty of opportunities to sell prospects, than you should call us now at 571-501-6129.  Read no further, we’ll design you a compelling Campaign.   If you want to keep trusting your online business model to people without lifetime sales exeperience?  Then enjoy your results.  Everyone else, read on….


General Goals and Principles

Explain the Best Way to get you found by the millions of consumers via Search Engines.

To help your business get noticed, not with reports and endless charts, but with tangible results immediately.

Help you hire the one guerrilla marketer on the planet who has over 2 Million Connections, and can leverage them to enhance your search results.

Get you sales.

Help you convert  hits to sales.  Tweak your online marketing.

Become an extension of your sales cycle ~ integrate your online with your real world business.



We must all begin somewhere, I like to keep it simple:

We must all be looking for our business the way a Consumer would look for us.

Business Owners can’t type the name of their business into “Search” and say: “SEE!! There we are!!”  That is not the way people find you. Organic Search means looking you up the way you are found by an average end user who type in things like “Doctor Phoenix” (with no comma) or “Tulsa Plumber”.

An Organic Search Strategy Fixes the Following Issues which you might have:

Not in Top 100 For Any Keyword “Organic” Search Ad Word Search Only

No Inbound Linking

No Outbound Links

Present Site Might not be Enhanced to SEO Friendly Format

Business is not getting any clients from search, or doesn’t know if they are getting clients from search

Keywords Should Reflect both Long Tail Geo Specific Search AND Short Tail General Search Terms


The Solution

Have Our Local Search Specialist Fix the Website and For the Business Owner to Understand Each step of the Process: 

If you are like most of our clients, you want results, not fancy reports.

Pronetworkbuild is unique in the SEO Space, because we are famous for our  Social Media driven Campaigns

We make you part of our team of researchers!  You are involved in every step of this process

We use a comprehensive, “stage” approach:  Each Stage stands alone getting you results, but is expandable

How does this work?

Read Here how Local SEO works with Micro Local Social Media

You can get started immediately by paying a deposit today!

ProNetworkBuild does not represent two clients  in the same town.   We are exclusive.  Once we represent the Client,  we do NOT represent a competitor in that niche in that town.

We will get some information from you, and submit an action plan within 24 hours.



Call 571-501-6129 For Private Discreet SEO Conversation

Keyword Selection


Keyword selection is a balancing act.


  • Popularity: Number of People Searching for a Particular Term
  • Competition: Number of competing Pages for a keyword
  • Targeted Traffic: Those Interested in your Product
  • Linking: Relevance, Usage, Guerilla Marketing, used on Both Blogs and Website, they have to match


Keywords are scientifically researched using software, common sense, and language skills

Client is informed of keyword technology, and which phrases ProNetWorkBuild wants to use

Backlinks are researched, targeted, and identified

Client Discussion about Backlinks and Keyword

Website is “Keyword” Enhanced with new Targeted Keyword Phrase at the rate of one per

month, so that all parties are involved and on the same tract

At This Stage parties are focused upon:

Any URL Masking (if needed)

Page Titles – Extremely Important Factor (Page Titles, Header, URL, Backlinks, And

especially first paragraph all have to match

Meta Tags (Also Called SEO Tags, Keyword Embedded for Main site, Geo Tagged for

Geo Plan)

Site Map Creation (Also Updated as we go)

XML, And Google Site Map Submission


Approximately 400 word to 700 word Article with proper Keyword Density that does not

violate Google Panda or Penguin Update One Per Week

PR Releases for Press Release Sites, Search Engines ( ProNetworkBuild does NOT

absorb the fees for Press Releases, client is responsible for PR Fees) 3 Per Month,

Additional Press Release with Keyword Useage is extra

Onsite Blogging, and Off Site Blogging ProNetworkbuild will update blogs with one

article per week. Will spend 2 to 4 hours per month submitting articles to outside

sources involving high value, high traffic trusted sites, IE: Wall Street Journal,

Tech Crunch, Mashable, etc.

Article Creation ( Useless without Enhancing Website for Keywords)

Will Write and Submit 400 to 700 word article

Spin to Generate Unique Content each week

Over the Course of One Year, we will create 50 blog posts in house, and submit Blog

Submissions to over 300 High Traffic, High Value Sites

Will Submit Article to other downloadable sites which we belong to.

This will generate 10 to 15 links per month overall.

Press Releases

Valuable Source of Keywords

Drives traffic to Website

When Done through proper services, it can get your business exposed to hundreds of

websites and create valuable backlinks.

We submit to both paid and unpaid sites.

Brand Awareness

Builds Network of Trusted Sources

Linking Strategy

3 Way Linking Strategy: Those We Control, Outside Sources, and Submissions


Quality NOT Quantity

Social Media

Google + Adds Value to all blog posts and submissions

Used by Google to “Rank” your page value

Used to “Title Stack” IE: Facebook, Google Plus, Yelp, can push competitor off the page

Talking about in context of SEO here, not as a lead generator directly


Part of overall strategy of to increase Links we “can control”

Increases traffic

Exposes GSA To other networkers and specialists

Broadcast, Announcement Channels

Set up 5 Public Blogs (Repeat Weekly Article over Each Blog)

RSS Feeds

Create Backlinks

Help Create a useful periodic announcement effect when Blogs are updated


Keyword Research Finalized in first 48 hours

Specific Keyphrases are delivered to Client  by Third Day

Linking Begins Immediately

Guerrilla Tactics Employed Using Google, Google + And Social Media

Baseline Report will improve from zero within days, not months

Content Assignments to Technical Writers and Keyword Research Teams

Onsite Work Done Within 1 Week

Build out Extensive Network of Websites Creating “Controlled” Backlinks




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