Iran Deal Passes

Obama’s Iran Deal A Frank Declaration

Dersh WAS correct. And you are right. Dersh should have used SOLUTIONS based language instead of Dysfunctional (Liberal) language of “blame and name” which is their specialty and should have no usage on the RIGHT. Why should Conservatives resort to “Blame and Name Calling” ? IF we know it’s Dysfunctional?

Dershowitz could have used solution based language like:

America needs to show Iran what the Alternative is.. The U.S. will blanket bomb sites, and lure Iran into spending it’s limited resources without lifting sanctions. The might of the U.S. can and will be brought to bear upon IRAN if they cont. down this path…

Obama is a big fan of speeches, why doesn’t he use them to scare the crap out of folks?

NO! Because deep down inside he doesn’t see that as America’s roll.

Better to finance the enemy, and negotiate than starve the enemy and negotiate.

Obama’s weakness is that he adapts his own theories of economics which are untried, and in which he uses mankind as his guinea pigs. He has no true grasp of macro economics, and his theories always suck. In this one, he’s convinced himself that financing the enemy’s arms industries is going to weaken the enemy’s arms industries. Only in Obama’s Economics does this make sense.  Only those who drink his Kool Aid and dogma buy into this economic theory.

If we are to believe all theories, then try modern health care theories on for size, or maybe the inner city unemployment rate.  We see wide gaps when we accept ANY economic theory from the reality of economics.  High murder rates blamed on the weather be damned;  we live in a world that needs more jobs!  That’s all there is to it, theories are useless.  And yet, our President has tried to introduce, not a jobs program, or a business growth system; but mostly speeches and racial tensions.   How does the next President deal with these issues? How does the next President create real solutions for not only solving some of America’s issues, but tackle’s Job Creation in Inner Cities, and even if they are a Republican generously  reward Liberal Urban Centers with real wealth creation?

Which is where we stand as a Country after 8 years of Obama.  Our inner cities are murdering black men at an unprecedented rate while Black Lives Matter as long as it’s a criminal shot by a cop; business is hostile to health care; labor is at it’s lowest hourly rate in decades;  America doesn’t actually “make” anything anymore, and our millennial generation is drowning in debt with mythical  jobs the media keeps telling them exist.   In short we live in the Imaginary Republic of the U.S.  we are exporting pure nonsense and the world is going to catch on quickly if we don’t take over a leadership role.  If the US wants to stay in business and maintain it’s Leadership Role, America needs to show the Chinese Russians and ISIS that we mean business.

This is no longer a talking point.  The world is becoming more addicted to Chinese favor; and the U.S. needs to dominate before Chinese investors score mineral rights and licenses in places like Africa, So. America, Asia and Canada.   The entire Chinese Gov’t purse is available to entire Countries who are willing to sell.

America needs to compete on a level playing field.   The U.S. needs someone like Donald Trump who can negotiate and offer higher terms than the Chinese in world markets.  Instead of seeing isolated deals with the likes of the Cubans or Iranians as “legacy moves”  a true leader negotiates upon behalf of the nation as it were a brand.

China as a “Brand” Can be beaten by and ONLY BY the United States as a Brand.

The United States is a brand, and we sometimes forget that.  We are the Leader, the Standard of Excellence across the waters, and will NEVER be replaced by China, no matter it’s growth.   If anything, our Legacy will live another 100 years.  And if Destiny were to choose another route, we would see to it that the U.S. will remain successful.  Just as our ships were prized by pirates and our timbers by Kings;  the U.S. is a brand which won the World Wars and is today THE ONLY STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE that truly exists.  We are not only exceptional, we are the last bit of exceptionalism, we shall never give away our very character.  We the People do not accept any other place;  we only see the United States with a  leader who is exceptional.

The U.S. needs a Deal-maker.   It looks like Donald Trump is the man for his time.  He has been called up by Destiny to lead the United States to it’s Leadership role in jobs creation, manufacturing,  women’s rights, minority jobs creation, truly a Leader for All Times, for All People, For the Whole World.





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