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Here is the Link to Kellen Capital PPM.

Link to Kellen Capital PPM

They have a Casino Deal.  Now everyone knows a Casino is the Cash Cows of Cash Cows… Every smart real estate investor WOULD LOVE to own part even a small part of a Casino.

But why don’t RE Investors get to buy shares of a Casino?  Usually the Sales Price is 5 or 6 dollars Invested for every dollar of Revenue.  So a Casino with $10million in Revenue would sell for $50 to $60 Million.  One would recoup one’s investment in about 6 years, and the rest is profit.

Kellen has a group of 6 small casinos purchased for sale for $31 Million (which includes Liquor Licenses, Land and Buildings, Beverage Distribution Company, and even a Brewery; a Shopping Center at 100% Occupancy) and the Revenue is ready for this:  $15.1 Million.  And by the end of the first year, the revenue will be increased to $18 million with personnel changes and better controls put into place.

But here’s the best part:  The Assets can be sold off piecemeal or to a buyer in whole for $35 to 37 million.   For every dollar invested, their is a 1.25 return.

This is simply unheard of, and the reason is simple.  The project is not on the market.  The cost of acquisition has not been driven up by speculators, REIT’s, or Investors.

Another great investment brought to you by PronetworkBuild.



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