Is Your SEO Killing Your Chances?

Hiring an overseas SEO Company may have already ruined your rankings.


“You may just need to provide content fit for your market which increases your sales conversions,  penetrates niche markets,  uses emotional triggers, uses Social Engagement instead of Social Broadcast, increase  your overall Social Value, and provide a solution the reader seeks within 42 seconds.”   excerpt 


Rarely do Indian, Philippine or Indonesian SEO firms possess colloquial local common phrases slang or hip lingo.

Is hiring a cheap SEO firm from overseas really going to hurt your search rankings?    Consider LSI.  Latent Semantic Indexing.   This is a science studied by Google that looks for keywords in a natural fluid, and therefore local text.

I used to comment on all of the articles I read.  This was good “Internet Imprint” so I enjoyed leaving intelligent, what I thought perceptive commentary.  I was already there, I took 3 or 4 minutes of my day to indulge in some reading.   One trick early on came to me:  Leave comments ~  try to be the first in line ~ leave my Twitter handle in the comment.   This gave me Internet Juice.

Over time, I left my handle ever so discreetly on hundreds and thousands of posts, all over all the largest sites, like CNN, ESPN, FOX, ABC… and whatever others, large and small that appealed to me.    I was tagging along on other sites, building my brand.  Then one day,

I found myself not wanting to fight the overseas writers.  Almost as soon as I got away from noted commercial mainstream brands, the writing dropped precipitously in quality.  I found myself, instead of commenting on intelligent subjects – resenting the writers, the providers and companies that hired them – I was harboring a very bad taste for my Internet Surfing in general, and my habit of commenting. More and more I would be  a curmudgeonly old Editor, and say: “Your writing is atrocious! Have you ever thought of having a native speaking person at least LOOK over your stuff before pressing send!”

Some may think this is a completely normal reaction.  But for me, as I did it more and more, my enjoyment level was reduced.   Maybe this is why Google uses LSI to detect normal speech patterns.  To pursue the ever elusive “Overall User Experience”  in my life, would have been for the writers to have learned better English;  the U.S. companies and content providers who hired them would need to change marketing tactics;  and I would need to spend less time venting.  I could only control one of those factors – my reaction.  So I stopped reading.

OK!! I still read.  Of course I do.  But I no longer expect all links to provide professional writers, and immediately disengage from anyone who supplies incomprehensible content.  My brands all have good ol American Apple Pie and Chevrolet writers – only the best  great writing!  We are blessed to have such a great team, and I owe that to my head writer.  I can take no credit for any of it.  I am grateful.

My overall “End User Experience” was greatly diminished by bad writing, and my desire to be done with it.  And yet, I went through such a profound experience, I was able to transform my brand to fit exactly what the population and overall public want – we appeal to 98 percent of the market, across all demographics.

So yes,  even if your overseas writer doesn’t ruin your site with noticeably crappy writing which sets off Google’s bots?  Why not be closing more sales instead of wondering about the quality of your writing?  Step it up a notch.

You may just need to provide content fit for your market which increases your sales conversions,  penetrates niche markets,  uses emotional triggers, uses Social Engagement instead of Social Broadcast, increases  your overall Social Value, and provides a solution the reader seeks within 42 seconds.

Your Writers should all be stateside guerrilla marketers, with years of advertising and sales experience, with integrated mico niche SEO and micro local Social skills.   If your writer is NOT converting sales daily, then fire them, and get a real salesperson in there who’s written sales copy.



Lon is Founder of PronetworkBuild a Media Agency involved in all processes which drive sales to your business ~ Websites ~ SEO ~ Social Media Management ~ Micro Local SEO ~ Micro Niche SEO ~ Micro Local Social ~ Nationwide Social

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