Free Speech or Politically Correct? You Decide

Listening to the news, I heard a reporter say that in order to gain wider support among Republicans, anyone (presumably Cruz) would have to “… renounce Trump’s language and strong words…”  It would appear that the mainstream press is still convinced it can win the war of words by finding a “suitable” candidate that will conform to political correctness and language and words.

Studying the word “Islamaphobia”  I found it was invented in the late 1970’s by Iranian fundamentalists in response to Iranian hostage taking!  One of the Muslim Brotherhood (a group which supports terror worldwide) was there when the word was invented.  Abu Rahman Mohammad a member of the Muslim Institute for Islamic Thought (a telling title to say the least) put it this way:

“This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought terminating cliche conceived in the bowels of muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics”

The word’s purpose is to stigmatize critics of Islamic ideology ~ silencing them;  a weapon to attack anyone who questions terror, hostage taking and other aspects of totalitarian regimes and actions.   In short, the word was invented to stifle thoughts and questions about Islam.  I wonder how many people would sling it around so cavalierly if they knew it was invented by terrorists?


The more we explore political correctness, the more we can come to no other conclusion than it is a tool and  a principle of ideology.  Political correctness is  not just “being polite”  or somehow used not to offend other people; it goes beyond that.  Since it has evolved from “politeness” and was a political tool all along; we cannot ignore it’s ideological components.  We can’t have it both ways!  It’s almost comical to attack a politician, and call them a bigot, when calling them a bigot is politically incorrect!  Trump has created for us the perfect storm of lunacy which we are all caught up in by ignoring that political correctness is used as an ideological battering ram to stifle opponents.  And that is where it violates EVERYONE’s rights, by attempting to stifle thoughts.

The person uttering ANY comment has the choice to offend or not.  Offending people is a right protected by the Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution.  

Taking away the right to offend others is taking away the First Amendment right to Free Speech.   This same Amendment protects religious freedom, the freedom of the press, and our right to assemble.   An attack on “not offending others” is a very subtle and deceptive way of stifling thought.

In George Orwell’s 1984 the Thought Police would round people up for thinking or even attempting to think of anti regime ideas.  At some point, political correctness has evolved to any speech that might offend someone else.  The problem is that there is absolutely no way ANY person, even the thought police, can gauge what will offend or not at any given moment.

PC Smile

The Global Language Monitor (yes, there is such a thing)  has for instance,  Snowflake, Almond, and Evolve as making the list for 2015.

I was told that the best way to describe an overweight person was not  delightfully “plump”,  (I thought I was being polite all those years)  no indeed, I was dated!  Using “curvy” was the best way to describe a fat person.  Overweight people actually “evolve” their Offensive meter, annually, because “curvy” can no longer be used at all! (2013) but that the following year, I had to use, the rather medical “overweight” and then I ran smack into the Stack Exchange which informed me thusly:

Why do you need to tell them something they already know?

“Rubenesque perhaps?

Paraphrasing a fellow mod, the least offensive thing to do would be to not bring up that person’s weight in the first place”   and…..

“I might reconsider ever saying it at all..”

And that is the very essence of the First Amendment. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO OFFEND A FAT PERSON!  It is not moral.  It is not professional.  It is not spiritual.  It won’t win  me any friends.  It won’t make me feel better about myself.  BUT I DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO RUIN MY FRIENDSHIPS AND CALL SOMEONE FAT!!!

The notions we have that something can or cannot be said are ridiculous.  Calling someone a queer, or crossdressing faggot, or any other offensive terms for being gay are still within the rights of every single american to do so.  For instance, if I hate gay people, why would I want to hide that?  If I don’t want them around me, the fastest way to clear the room is to yell out: “I  don’t like gays!”  Who wants to be around a hypocritical liar?  If I don’t want to be around Republicans, all I have to do is start calling them Tea Baggers.   Maybe they’ll leave me alone.   If I don’t like conservatives, I can call them Trumpsters, or Tramps; that oughta send them packing!

What Trump is doing, is offending people on purpose to highlight the ridiculous nature of political correctness.   He has that right.  He has the right, and the duty to stand up for what he considers “Free Speech”.  And Free Speech includes what he thinks, and is really the right to say what he thinks, and not be so “polite” like those who contribute to the Stack Exhange PC forum. We cannot possibly be polite enough and monitor our speech and thoughts enough to not offend anyone at anytime.  With shows like: “The Biggest Loser” which obviously portrays very very overweight (medical) obese (factual) fat people losing weight!  “Wives of …….” you name the county;  who glam up, get arrested, or gossip all day, and not call them just about any name in the book you want to call them ~ it would be true!

To me being politically correct is lying.  I am portraying a false image of myself.  I am guarding my speech, I am holding back what I am REALLY thinking in favor of putting on an image of something I am not.

For me, the First Amendment is real.  If “Islamaphobia” was invented by terrorists to stifle criticism of Islam?  And anyone who criticizes Islam is a “bigot” or “racist” or Islamaphobic?  Then so be it.

Anyone who labels anyone a racist or bigot or Islamphobic is not someone I want to be around anyway, not only are they politically incorrect, they have issues.    If they can jump to that kind of conclusion because of a need and a right to discuss Islam, then they are irrational, and they have the right under the First Amendment to be that too.




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