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ProNetworkBuild Has Endorsed as the Number 1 Affordable Franchise Opportunity in America

Voted Number 1 Franchise Opportunity for Value, Affordability, Training and Support by PronetworkBuild Franchise Review



Low Priced Franchise Opportunity

According to Franchise Help,  

“Lack of capital is a frequent limiting factor for potential franchisees, but thankfully there are many low cost options available for those who don’t have the money to purchase an expensive franchise like a hotel or restaurant.”

The same article goes on to list about 40 Franchises, but all but two are over $50,000 Capital required.   And the two lowest require at least $20,000 Investment to get started, not including wages, overhead and expenses.     Ugly Opportunities has an entry level franchise available for only $15,000.  Clearly a much more cost effective approach, considering the potential Franchise has access to thousands of investors, support, training, and marketing.

Ugly Opportunity Fills Entrepreneur Goals:

General dissatisfaction with ones job ~ Become Your Own Boss

Financial situation ~ Ugly Opportunity is often seen as a way to achieve financial freedom.

There is a huge interest in “flipping houses” and there are many so called “systems for “fast profits” …

Ugly actually warns against those types of offers, as they often do not have support, and are not true Franchise Offerings. As a Corporation, Partner and Support entity, Ugly Opportunity has to comply with Best Practices and all offerings are closely monitored by our Legal Department.

UglyOpportunities is the only real estate franchise that requires intensive training,and draws a legal barrier to participation,by complying with Federal and Local Laws for Franchisee Ownership:

~ system changes lives

~ financial freedom

~ manage own time

~ own rental properties

~ powerful support

~ compliant with ethical standards

~ rehab houses

~ wholesale houses

After careful consideration of 100’s of Low Cost Franchise Opportunities, PronetworkBuild has selected Ugly Opportunities comparing various Franchise Systems in the following Areas: Value, Affordability, Training and Support

Value: UglyOpportunities considering the thorough Training they provide, Targeted Leads, wealth accumulation tools, and online Webinars and Personal Training, offers tremendous Value to each Franchise Owner

Affordability: There are two levels of Franchise Ownership, and UglyOpportunities allows the buyer to earn their way into the higher priced option, thus most Franchise Owners are vested for less than $20,000

Training: UglyOpportunities provides the most thorough Training of over 100 Affordable Franchise Systems. Every eventuality is covered in the Training Series.

Support:  With over 50,000 Rental Property,Investment Property,and Ugly Property Transactions,UglyOpportunities.Com has accumulated a wealth of experience.Their support system reflects the ongoing commitment to Franchise Owners.

UglyOpportunities.Com can be reached at:  214-240-1498
PronetworkBuild can be reached at:  571-501-6129

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