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Kellen Capital Casino Purchase Outline

Asking Price 28,000,000 Includes the Following:

6 Casinos

Beverage (liquor and beer) Distribution/Transportation Co.

Gaming Licenses are Included and 100 percent transferable

Shopping Center with ten Tenants 100 percent occupancy


Developable Land (Perfect for Hotel) Included

Beverage Distribution Warehouse,  Land, Trucks, Equipment Included

No Native American Tribal Management or Ownership

Can be foreign owned, and can be Non US Resident Owned

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This 6 Casino Project the Investor can buy/hold or acquire the properties and sell off the parts of the whole.

The Casinos are NOT currently on the market, so the acquisition price is not speculated (increased) by Investors and REITs.   The family wants to sell, as they have been in business forty years, and they want to liquidate.

There is also a brewery, liquor licenses, liquor distribution/transportation business with warehouse, a shopping center.

Businesses, Casinos, Transportation/Distribution Company ALL have Revenues, and we have supplied 7 years tax returns and revenue reports.

Land Is Included with all the Businesses.

Buildings, improvements and land are all included in the sales price.

Kellen will outright sell the Casinos for 28,000,000.

If you are not interested in managing the Casinos and businesses, then Kellen can create a PPM and diversify the ownership with a Stock Offering of $100 Per share and Issue 3.`1 Million Shares. (This would take about 2 weeks to prepare the document)  PPM can be foreign owned, or Non US Resident owned.  If you purchase all shares, then you will also be able to convert them into common shares and sell them to your network, or have a broker sell them for you.

Price has been set at a very good basis of two times annual earnings.   With 14 Million in earnings from Casinos and Businesses there is an additional $500,000 from Shopping Center Leases  the total revenue is $15.1.  Kellen anticipates increasing revenue to $18.1 Million a year with new management and security equipment in place.

A Joint Venture would be considered if the Buyer wished to put up 35% of the sales price (Around $10Million) , Kellen will borrow the balance.

If You wish to buy the Properties outright, but be hands off, Kellen will agree to manage the properties for two years at a customary fee, and operations incentives (roughly 3 percent to manage, and 20 percent of profits) until such time as you can find managers.

Kellen will NOT:

Subdivide the Properties and Sell them off piecemeal, this is all or nothing; we are not interested in keeping the properties ourselves. We may consider retaining ownership of the brewery to establish our own label.

We will NOT provide more financials or materials than we already have. Asking for additional photos and online inquiries are NOT taken seriously.   If you wish to kick tires, than get on a plane, and we’ll put you in a hotel, and you can come kick all the tires you want.

Kellen will NOT entertain any “no money down” schemes, buy backs or other self financing, without at least a 35% equity stake from the Investor/Buyer.   Even then the loan would be in your name, not ours, you would be responsible for payments on the other 65%.

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